...and so before i sleep...

*hee* been playing with the layout of my journal again, but now I'm tired much and my eyes hurt- stupid contacts *grrr*

Anyway thought I'd post the amazing news that I HAVE THE WEEKEND OFF! THE WHOLE WEEKEND OMFG!

I didn't request it, which makes it doubly bizarre, and I also have tuesday and wednesday off next week, so I'll be working one day outta the next 5- STRANGE - but hey I'm not complaining!
The Olympic gymnastics is on so I'll be watching that no doubt and I watched 'St Trinians' today finally- nice feel good movie. I still haven't been to watch Mamma Mia though *ducks flying objects*. I keep meaning to go but then after work I'm so tired that I don't trust myself to stay awake! Maybe on Monday after work...

Watched couple new films at home...

Highwaymen- I jumped lots- namely everytime the bastard hit someone with his car!

Spartacus- newest one with Goran Visnjic and Rhona Mitra. I cried like a baby *lol* couldn't help it- Nasty Romans! *grrrrr* Good movie though very long- nearly 3 hours *wow*

I have a 'to do' list as long as my arm that I intend on making significantly shorter by Wednesday evening... we'll see...

But now, need sleep, can't see... *hugs to you all*

"I'm gonna be so late for work...."

*heeeeeeee* playing with the layout of my journal is much fun :) Time for a change...

Unfortunately I've just noticed its already 6.10am here *eeeek*

I have to get up in 4 hours! *doh* but seen as I'm here...

No hotel entertainment can be complete without a game of Bingo *lol* This is one of the shots I took as part of my 'holiday job'- I likes how it turnd out :) There's more on this hard drive somewhere...

Well: one pretty new LJ layout thingy and one new desktop pic (my photo with Claudia *hee*) and arrangement on my lappy (it has come to my attention that I am a complete ditz and 9 times out of 10 will hit the start button that used to say start but is now just a logo and then think 'what the hell did I want to do!' So alas the shortcuts cluttering up my desktop were useless!)- *phew* I'm off to bed


Firstly, hello missed you all *huggles*
Secondly, I don't want to go home *wah* I miss all my friends there already, especially Naz :(
Thirdly, I have lots to tell you all and loads of pics, tho not many of me as I am the photographer for most *hehe* happy happy BEHIND the camera!
And fourthly, I'm still in the f***ing airport!!!!!!! So far we are up to a *checks screen* 3 hour delay! It sucks to think I could have spent a couple more hours with my friends instead of sitting here alone *pout* They've just called the free refreshments for my flight too so I guess I gonna be here for a while...

Oh and fifthly, that tan I wanted is kinda achieved- it is by no means even, my shoulders are a hell of a lot darker than the backs of my legs- tho I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes in a country that gets three days of hot weather a year if we're lucky! On the plus side- my hair is still dark brown(the colour I paid for it to be *lol*) and not ORANGE as was the case three years go when I was in Turkey- wonder if I still have a pic of that...

Blah I'm so BORED!!! Time to walk around again- oooo yeah they called refreshments didn't they *runs for coffee*

FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!! Grrrrrr....

Grrrr trains and friday the 13th just equals NIGHTMARE! I'm on one of said trains at the moment and will *crosses fingers and toes* be finally arriving in Northampton in just under half an hour for Chevron 7 *squee*
The costume is KINDA finished, I was sewing it on the last train I was on *lol* but this one is sooooo packed I'm not even gonna try. It'll do as it is I think and I'm wearing it at 8.30pm tonight so I've only a few more hours to play with it *giggle*
I'll post pics soon as I upload them to my lappy.
I'm actually shocked at my reasonable good mood at the moment given all the travel issues these damned trains have given me today- must be convention fever *lol*

Close enough...

The Nirti costume is FINALLY in progress and as promised I have photos! Collapse )

Still a lot of work to do and I dare say it won't be completely accurate because 1. I don't have the time, talent or money to work from scratch with the right material and 2. I don't have the cleavage for it either *lol*
Anyhoo... back to work tomorrow- what a nice slap back to reality that'll be, though only 7 days to go 'til Chevron 7!!! *yay happy dance*
And as promised for timeblind here are some pics of the only place in my flat tidy enough to be published on the web *lol* Collapse )

Ok off to bed with me :)
portrait rhona


So Claudia Black has cancelled for Chevron 7: am I surprised? not really these things happen. Am I pouting? Hell yeah! *pout*
I did spend all day yesterday editting my AT3 photos and I'm finally finished *yay*! I really have to get ready for work but heres a couple that really cheered me up yesterday...

Collapse )
want it

Yeah sure... I'll get you some :)

I think yesterday was possibly the craziest shift I've ever worked at the hotel. It was so mad busy that it was hilarious and I've decided that with only 2 hours til my next shift I should try to concentrate on the funny side-
We had three people on shift and a full hotel (normally there is only 2 people on shift) and we sooooooo just couldn't cope. Everybody came down for breakfast at the same time because the majority of the guests are in Nottingham to see the Dalai Lama and that started at 10.30am so naturally they all decided to come for breakfast in the space of 2 hours!!!!!!!!! Which would be ok if our breakfast room didn't only have seating for 30 people and we had enough cutlery and crockery to go around, not to mention the lack of food cooked off by night shift!!! Yeah thanks for that guys...
So the 2 hours in question kinda went like this:

Guest: Excuse me, you've ran out of spoons
Me: Thats ok I'll get you some

Guest: Do you have any plates?
Me: Yeah sure i'll get you some

Guest: Can you tell me where to find the cups?
Me: Normally right there *smile* don't worry I'll get you some

Me: (in the kitchen to Kathryn) *WTF* I have to stop saying "I'll get you some..." 'cause I know damned well WE DON'T HAVE ANY! *hunts for some and wills pot washer machine to GO FASTER!*

Though I have to say this was the best of the day..

Guest: Excuse me can you get somebody to clear away these trays?
Me: *hands full of clean cups I just stole from behind the bar* That'd be me. I promise you I am doing it *nod, smile, leave*
"get somebody" oh if only lol!

About half way through the shift when it was all calm again- I'm guessing the Dalai Lama was teaching at this point- my brain just turned to mush...
The toilet in one of the rooms would not stop running water so... full hotel, can't move room, maintainence guy is STILL on the sick, I'll fix it (why the hell not)

Me: Jana, I'm going downstairs to get the *thinks what the hell the name is of that thing that suckers itself to the back of the toilet wall so you can pull the panel off* sucky thing!

Jana: What?! *frowns*

Me: *waves hands around to demonstrate how the 'thing' is used* Nevermind...

Me: *sucky thing in my hand* Ok I'm going to fix this toilet

Jana: What is that? *points to sucky thing*

Me: This is a sucky thing. (and I'm the one with English as my first language!)

Jana: Do you know what you are doing?

Me: Er kind of... maybe... I'll let you know in about 10mins!

lol and I fixed it! Yay! Hurt my elbow in the process though- damned panel was heavier than I thought...

anyway off I go back to the chaos :)
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Hair today gone tomorrow!

So I'm sitting in the hairdressers, with the dye on my head (darkest brown but not black as usual lol) and I've finished my coffee with still 15 mins til I get it washed off and I'm stressing AGAIN!!!
I know I'm a control freak but the hair cutting time is getting closer *grrrrr* I wish I could do it myself and then I wouldn't have to put my faith in someone else not to chop it all off!!!! Long I tell you, I like it long...
Ok, its only hair and not the end of the world if it looks stupid but I think my obsession comes from my mum always insisting on keeping it short when I was younger. All the other girls at school had pretty ribbons in their hair and mine was always too short *pout* It did make it thicken up like she promised me though so I'll always remember that :)
want it


So I finally had two days off together, and it was wonderful *sigh* I did however manage to sleep for most of what is now yesterday, except for talking to timeblind that is *hugs* and the occasional buzzing of my phone.

Can't believe I have to go back to work in a few hours *pout*

I do have a little present for anyone who was at AT3 though...

Collapse )

Enjoy! :)
portrait rhona

unique balance...

Well it would appear that I am working for 12 hours today- not 8, this is to my knowledge since about 4pm yesterday! Don't these people understand the importance of editting ones AT3 photos grrrrrr!!!! I had my whole week planned out damn it (ok I know a little obsessive but I can't help it!) and now I'll be sacrificing my sleep again *pout*
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